Training Program

The key to establishing a new UAV/sUAS program within your organization is ensuring that each sUAS team member appreciates the need for safety, risk management, and record keeping for UAV flights. Tactical Drone Operations will work with your team lead to ensure that your policy and procedures are updated for sUAS operations. We will also work with you long-term to work towards internal training capabilities on your team for the continued growth and operation of your UAV/sUAS program. Our training and consulting program encompasses the following key points:

1. Introductory Training
  • 107 Training
  • Instroduction to Practical UAV (Proficiency Training)
  • Advanced UAV Flight
  • Mission Capable (Applied) UAV Flight
  • Currency Training (after 1 year & 2 years)
2. Program Setup Consultation
  • Policy & Procedure Manual Updated
  • Standard Operating Procedures Creation (SOP)
  • UAV/sUAS Operations Manual
  • Logbook Recording
  • Maintenance Program
3. Advanced Operational Training
  • Identifying & Mitigating Rick in UAV/sUAS Operations
  • Flying in “hard to fly” spaces
  • Wind: how much is too much and how to fly in it
  • Logbook Recording
  • Maintenance Program
  • Instructor Training (Train the Trainer)
  • Thermal Imaging