Over the years, our founders and instructors have had extensive experience is the world of aviation, cinematography and audio, video and software applications for production and post-production. Douglas Spotted Eagle, our principal consultant, has long history of aviation, from the adrenaline-filled world of fast-action videography in skydiving to commercial application of drone/UAV use. Tactical Drone Operation’s latest evolution and vision is to incorporate its years of experience for best-practices training into the world of UAV use.
Tactical Drone Operations serves as a consultant within the UAV industry, offering training and speaking engagements on UAV topics: UAV cinematography, commercial and infrastructural UAV applications, UAV risk management, night UAV flight, aerial security systems, and 107 training to ensure pilots clearly understand the FAA laws. With an intimate knowledge of the FAA FARs and FSIM, our collective experience with instructors and UAV pilots nationwide is our foundation for creating a best-practices for everything drone/UAV/UAS.